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Benefits of Using a Magnetic Phone Holder

Magnetic phone holders are popular in car accessories because they make it easy for drivers to use their phones hands-free. These holders also don’t interfere with the GPS function in your mobile phone, so you can safely navigate your way to your destination.

Many people are concerned that magnets might damage their phones. However, the magnetic force and device plates used in magnetic phone holders aren’t strong enough to cause any damage.

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Hands-Free Convenience

A magnetic phone holder can be used in any vehicle for hands-free driving. It keeps your smartphone or tablet within reach so that you can easily check your GPS maps, read texts, make calls, and play music.

Many people worry that magnets will damage their smartphones or drain the battery. However, this is a misconception. Modern electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets contain lithium-ion batteries that are protected by internal and external structures.

In addition, a quality car magnetic phone holder will be designed to allow you to easily attach and remove your device with a quick snap. It will also feature a strong, adjustable base that can withstand sudden movements on the road. For instance, the Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount features smart touch technology and a quick snap mechanism to allow you to adjust your smartphone or tablet to a comfortable position.

Improved Visibility and Accessibility

A magnetic phone holder mounted on your car’s air vent allows you to conveniently view your cellphone at eye level while driving. The holder ensures that you can keep your eyes on the road while using GPS, playing music, sending text messages or answering calls.

Unlike traditional holders that require you to attach a metal plate on the back of your phone or case, magnets in magnetic holders are small enough not to interfere with mobile signals. Although magnets can damage credit cards if they are placed too close to them, they cannot affect your mobile phone or its data.

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Some people have questions about whether or not the magnets in a magnetic mount could cause any internal damage to their phones. However, there are no concerns about this with most magnetic holders.

Reduced Distractions

While some distractions cannot be avoided – like calling, texting or taking calls – the use of a magnetic phone holder can greatly reduce them. A high-quality holder mounted on your air vent allows you to keep both hands on the wheel while still keeping your smartphone within reach and easily accessible.

It is also safer to view your phone’s screen while driving than holding it in your hand or adjusting it with your fingers. Some people are concerned that magnets can damage their smartphones’ GPS, but GPS works through satellite signals and is not affected by geomagnetic forces or a magnetic field.

In addition, a magnetic car mount is designed to accommodate most smartphones and cases with ease. Most of them feature a universal design that fits most cars’ air vent blades.

Versatile Applications

Many people use their mobile phones for GPS navigation, playing music, making phone calls or taking video calls, all of which require you to look at your device’s screen. A high-quality magnetic car mount enables you to perform these tasks safely by placing your smartphone in front of you at eye level and within easy reach.

A good magnetic car phone holder comes with a base that can stick to the dashboard, windshield or CD slot of your vehicle. It also features an adjustable arm that can rotate 360 degrees to adjust the angle of your device’s view.

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The adjustable feature is important to ensure the best positioning of your phone for safe driving. It also allows you to easily pull your mobile device out of the holder when not in use.

Preserving Your Phone and Car

Many road accidents happen when drivers reach out for items – mainly phones – stored inside their cars. A magnetic phone holder eliminates this risk by keeping the device right in front of you at eye level without blocking your view.

Magnetic holders use magnets to grip the back of your mobile devices, and they work with most cases – except for those that are made of strong metal. They also don’t damage the data in your phone’s storage chips.

Most magnetic car mounts come with a warranty to give you peace of mind. They also come with a variety of attachment options, including CD slot mounts, air vent mounts, and windshield mounts. Some of them even allow you to charge your mobile devices while they’re mounted.

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