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How to Choose the Perfect Wide Brim Straw Hat for Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is an essential part of choosing the perfect hat. You want something that flatters your features while also giving you some protection from the sun.

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Identify Your Face Shape

The first step to finding the perfect wide brim straw hat is understanding your face shape. You can do this by observing your facial features in the mirror.

1.  Note the widest and narrowest areas of your face, as well as any angles or contours.

2. Take notes of these things to help you determine what style of hat would work best for your face.

3. Look for hats that have a wider crown than the brim (and are angled downward) to provide more protection against UV rays.

4. Choose a medium-wide brim straw hat that accentuates the width of your forehead and chin, rather than your cheekbones or jawline.

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5. Find a hat that elongates your face without exaggerating the roundness of your jawline and cheekbones, such as this black and turquoise ombre bob.

6. Find a wide brim straw hat that doesn’t have a pointy crown, as this will make your ears appear larger than they are.

7. Find a hat that has a wider brim than the neck, as this will help to elongate your face and balance out any sharp angles in your facial structure.


There are a lot of different ways to wear a wide brim straw hat. From the classic newsboy to trendy bucket styles, there’s a wide range of options out there for you to choose from. However, it’s important to choose a hat that is flattering for your face and a style that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe.


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